Sunday, March 18, 2012

Canon Extension Tube FD 25 Macro

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a great lens find, the Canon FD 28mm, then I thought back to an FD zoom I have that says "macro," but loses it's capabilities of macro due to the length difference from the sensor to the lens converter. I thought "why not get an extension tube and see how it works?" For this test, I am using the 28mm F2 however. Results are very nice:

100yen, about $1.

A corn kernel, if you zoom it, it actually becomes more fine in sharpness than what appears now.

A wet lead, very nice sharpness, even hand held I might say!

A passed on centipede. It was a lot smaller, about the size of a rice grain.

Closeup of melted mozzarella cheese, yum!

As with all macro lenses, for results, it's preferred not to use hand held. A pocket tripod would help out tremendously if your subject is below. Different focal length lenses have a different impact on it, so you'd have to test them out. Have a good day.

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